Premium wild seafood, sustainably hand-caught in pristine, untouched Australian waters.

"We are seafood people"


We are seafood people

For over five decades we have been carefully hand-harvesting wild abalone, sea cucumber and other seafoods from the pristine Australian waters; providing only the freshest seafood to kitchens and restaurants all over the world.

Our Seafood Products

We offer a range of quality seafood products including Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Whiting which are harvested from wild, pristine Australian oceans and processed in our facilities in Southern Australia.

About us

Established in 1969 in Tasmania, Tasmanian Seafoods Pty Ltd is the largest single quota holder and one of the largest processors of Australian wild abalone.

We also produce a large range of  Australian sea cucumber products, as well holding several other seafood industry interests across Australia.

Industry associations

We are actively affiliated with industry bodies throughout Australia, demonstrating our role as a key stakeholder in the Australian seafood sector. 

Abalone Council Australia

Abalone Council Australia Ltd (ACA) is the peak industry body representing the wild-harvest abalone Industry from the five producing states of Australia.

Tasmanian Abalone Council

The Tasmanian Abalone Council (TAC) is the voice of the fishery, representing divers, non-diving quota-holders, processors and exporters.

NT Marine Facility

Owned and operated by Tasmanian Seafoods, the NT Marine Facility offers high quality Marine service in Darwin, Northern Territory.

All of our seafood is sustainably hand-harvested from wild and pristine Australian waters, which allows us to provide only the highest quality fresh seafood.

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