Dried Sea Cucumber (beche-de-mer)

The Sea Cucumber are harvested from the wild by experienced licensed divers and transported to our production facility in Dandenong South, Victoria where they are processed for export.

Our Dried Sea Cucumber and IQF Sea Cucumber that we produce are under a license and quota system to ensure a sustainable fishery.

Dried Sea Cucumber (beche-de-mer)
SpeciesSandfish, Golden Sandfish, White Teatfish, Curryfish, Prickly Redfish, Oval Blackfish
Packaging25 kgs Poly Bags (By Air)
Minimum Order20 x 25 kgs Poly Bags = 500 kgs
Sandfish 1
Golden sandfish 2
Golden Sandfish
White Teatfish
Curryfish 2
Prickly Redfish
Oval blackfish 1
Oval Blackfish